Bicol Tourist Attractions

Warm and welcoming, Bicol sits at the southeast corner of Luzon Island encompassing the provinces of Albay, Sorsogon, Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte and the large islands of Catanduanes, and Masbate. The region’s diverse landscape provides travelers with spectacular mountain ranges, lush flatlands, and exotic coastlines on both the quiet, west-facing sea, and the raging Pacific Ocean to the east.  There are many famous attractions  that draw visitors to this spectacular regions; such as, the majestic and awe inspiring Mt. Mayon, the diverse sand beaches of Legazpi, the lush greenery of high canopied wild forests, and the mouthwatering spicy, coconut and chili based, Bicol cuisine.
Drive Camarines Norte’s long, scenic coastline and enjoy an afternoon’s fun on one of the popular beaches just minutes from the capital of Daet. Or, if you prefer seclusion, go island-hopping among the Mercedes Island Group’s pristine, white beaches and clear, diver-friendly waters.
Explore Camarines Sur’s host of natural and man-made attractions; such as the scenic beauty of Mt.caramoan Isarog’s slopes of which from the southernmost rainforest mountain in Luzon, or brave the spooky atmosphere of the famous Kalapnitan Cave.
Travel east of Mt. Iriga, to visit the delightful little lake Buhi, home and breeding ground of Sinarapan, the smallest commercial fish in the world.  Find spiritual wonder at the Tanawan Park in Barangay Bagoladio, Bula as you picnic at this famous pilgrimage spot, beneath towering 35-foot statue of the Virgin Mary.  In the evening, you can always let your hair down and have fun in the thriving nightlife of Naga and Iriga.
No visit to Bicol would be complete without a visit to the cagsawa ruins and mayon volcanopicturesque, perfect cone-shaped, Mayon Volcano. This stunning 2,460-meter high landmark, forms a magnificent backdrop to the capital city of Legazpi just 15-kilometers to the south. Millenniums of eruptions have also provided this area with a number of unique, jet-black sand beaches, such as those at Sto. Domingo, 14-kilometers north of Legazpi and Tiwi, 25-kilometers further north. The volcanic sands of these beaches, with it’s heart-holding qualities and course, crystalline texture, makes walking barefoot a warm, tickling sensation you will always remember.
donsol whaleshark
Tour Southern Bicol and travel 42-kilometers west of the Sorsogon provincial capital, you will find the Bulusan Mountain Lake and National Park. Renowned for breathtaking views, the light breeze wafting morning mist over this lake, nestled snuggly inside the ragged crater rim of Mt. Bulusan, is something to remember. While in Sorsogon, a truly unique aquatic experience can be found just off the coast at Donsol. Quickly becoming world famous, this area provides one-on-one interactions with puraranwild whale sharks Butanding, ensuring you a magic memory you are sure to keep forever.
When in Bicol, take the time experience the region’s islands. Explore the wild, rugged, and rodeobeautiful landscape of Catanduanes, with its crashing Pacific sweels rolling in to create a surfer’s dream location.  Also, visit Masbate, the “Cattle Raising Capital of the Philippines” and most famous for its annual Rodeo Masbateño in April. See rodeo groups wrestle steer, ride bulls and perform other cattle handling competitions more commonly experienced in American and Australian rodeo shows.
While in Bicol you must sample the rich and oh-so-spicy dishes of the local cuisine.  Most recipes call for locally made coconut milk called gata and of course, the local very-hot siling labuyo chili.